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People love decorating with wreaths… and not just at Holiday time.
Wreath Pro adjustable wreath hanger makes it simple and beautiful
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Awarded Best Product by Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC.

Is Wreath Pro an adjustable wreath hanger?

Yes, Wreath Pro is fully adjustable to almost any height. It’ll work anywhere you need it to work, with any wreath.

Why Wreath Pro? Why not a five dollar metal wreath hanger?

Well, you can use a metal hanger if you wish (heck, you can use a coat hanger or duct tape if you want as well.) But metal hangers don’t work very well, and they don’t look very good. They scratch doors, they are almost impossible to use if your door has an upper window (like the one in our photo), And they don’t work well with large wreaths (making doors hard to close, etc).

Wreath Pro, on the other hand, has none of those disadvantages, and simply looks beautiful as well. That’s why professional decorators use it.

Can I use Wreath Pro for other types of wreaths?

Indeed you can. We have a large selection of colors that will ensure your Wreath Pro looks great no matter what type of wreath you use – spring wreaths, autumn wreaths… any wreath..

Can I hang my wreath on a tall door?

Yes!, Wreath Pro is fully adjustable so you can position your wreath exactly where you want it. Wreath Pro comes with 36 inches of ribbon but if you need even more, you can use any 2.5 inch wire edge ribbon.
Those metal over door wreath hangers won't work on my door because of the window. Will Wreath Pro solve this issue?

Yes! Wreath Pro works great on doors with windows, and it looks attractive inside and out.

I can't use those magnetic wreath hangers I have a wood door.

Wreath Pro works on all standard doors, wood, metal, fiberglass… with or with out windows. Wreath Pro also works on doors with textured surfaces that suction cup type hangers fail.

How do I hang a wreath on my window?

Use Wreath Pro! Wreath Pro is designed to work with standard double hung windows as well as doors.

Can I buy other color ribbons for it?

Yes, Wreath Pro works great with any 2.5” wire-edge ribbon, which is widely available in craft and fabric stores nationwide. So one Wreath Pro can be used year round.

Wreath hung high with Wreath Pro adjustable wreath hanger.
Coventional wreath hangers stick out on doors with moldings.
Coventional wreath hangers stick out on doors with moldings.