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People love decorating with wreaths… and not just at Holiday time.
Wreath Pro adjustable wreath hanger makes it simple and beautiful

Wreath Pro Advantages

You’ll love using Wreath Pro – here’s why:

Wreath Pro is Proudly Made in the USA
Made in USA from high quality components Wreath Pro will last for years.

Wreath Pro is Fully Adjustable
Hang any wreath from any door or window, at just about any height. You get a perfect look, every time, regardless of your door or window (or a door with a window!)

Wreath Pro is adaptable, and looks great with any wreath
Wreath Pro comes with your choice of ribbon color. However, Wreath pro’s unique hangers can utilize any 2.5” wire edge ribbon, which is available in thousands of hobby and craft stores nationwide. So one Wreath pro can handle a year’s worth of decorative wreaths.

Wreath Pro is strong, yet won’t damage anything
No wreath is too heavy or too bulky for Wreath Pro. The two hangers (one for the door/window and one for the wreath itself) are made of super-tough polycarbonate construction, and are nearly indestructible.
Yet, this super-strong decorative wreath hanger will not corrode, rust, or scratch / damage your doors and windows.

The Patent Pending Wreath Pro is made in the USA
We love our holiday decorating in the US, and we love our Wreath Pro’s!!

Professional Results
Wreath Pro uses coordinating ribbon, and allows you to hang your wreath like a professional decorator. No unsightly suction cups and no flimsy cheap looking metal hooks. Wreath Pro gives professional results every time.

Windows? - No Problem!

Finding the perfect size wreath hanger to hang your wreath on a window isn't easy. Window wreath hangers are always to long, to short nor use unreliable suction cups. Not any more! Wreath Pro allows you to hang your wreath exactly where you want it on standard double hung windows using ribbon, just like the professionals.
Hanging a Wreath with the Wreath Pro adjustable ribbon wreath hanger.
Wreath hung with Wreath Pro adjustable wreath hanger.
Wreath hung on window with Wreath Pro adjustable wreath hanger.

Flexibility? - You Bet!
Wreath Pro is a three-piece adjustable wreath hanger. The top piece hooks over the door. The ribbon connects between the top and the wreath. For lighter wreaths, use the wreath hook to secure the wreath. For heavy or bulky Wreaths, Wreath Pro allows you to hang the wreath directly from the ribbon.

Hey, wait… do you want to hang two wreaths on a single door? No problem! Use the wreath hook for the upper wreath and use the ribbon for the lower wreath.
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Awarded Best Product by Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC.