How To Add A Bow to Wreath Pro

How To Add A Bow To Wreath Pro


Autumn is a perfect time of the year to grace your door with a wreath that celebrates fall's gorgeous harvest. And it is the perfect time to hang it with decorative ribbon that adds designer styling to your home's entrance.

Wreath Pro Adjustable Wreath Hanger is designed to hang any wreath you want with ribbon. Here is a way to go one decorative step further…add a gorgeous bow.

First, weave the ribbon of your choice through the slots and adjust to the length you want it to hang on your door using the door hook. Let the extra ribbon hang down the sides of the wreath.

Then, using additional ribbon create a looped bow using enough ribbon so you have long streamers. Attach the bow at the top of the wreath with florists wire. Complete the look by cutting notches in the bottoms of the streamers. Create a "pleats" in the streamers by folding the ribbon and then letting it loose.

Now, Doesn't that look better than one of those plastic or metal wreath hooks?