How to Hang Two Wreaths On Your Door | Wreath Pro Video Series

Wreath Hanging Pro Tips; How to hang two wreaths on your door.

In this video we will show you how the pros hang two wreaths on a door. It's easy with Wreath Pro!
Follow these instructions for a professional decorator look that you can do at home - even add a bow to your wreath.

Wreath Pro makes it easy to hang a wreath on your door using ribbon, just like the pro's!
If you would like to hang a wreath on your window, Wreath Pro does that too!

Wreath Pro is the most versatile, easiest to use wreath hanger for doors and windows. Wreath Pro is fully adjustable to any length so if you need to hang a wreath on a tall door Wreath pro can do it. Unlike those cheap metal wreath hangers or those so called "adjustable" plastic wreath hooks, Wreath Pro will also work on doors with moldings and windows, and wWreath Pro looks great inside and out!

Be sure to watch all of our how to videos and learn how easy it is to correctly hang a wreath with Wreath Pro.