How To Hang a Wreath On Your Window

How to Hang Wreaths on Windows


The holidays are the perfect time to deck the halls and your windows with wreaths. Whether you hang your wreaths on the inside, outside or both, Wreath Pro Adjustable Wreath Hanger will help you get professional results that as easy as 1 -2 - 3. Here's how to hang two wreaths side by side on the outside of your (double hung windows). The secret is threading ribbon through the slots in the door hanger. Professional and beautiful results every time using Wreath Pro.

1. First unroll the ribbon included in each purchase (or use any 2 1/2" wired ribbon) and wrap it around the top of the wreath. Do the same for all your wreaths.

2. Next , take the door hook (the door hook is the hook with the Wreath Pro logo) and thread the two streamers of the ribbon together through the top slot through the front and pull the ribbon through. Then take the same streamers and thread them together the opposite way through the back of the second slot. Pull the ribbon to adjust the height.

3. Then, hang the door hook on each window so the wreaths are hanging on the outside. Close your windows