DIY Tips for Hanging Beautiful Wreaths

DYI Tips for Hanging Beautiful Wreaths

Here’s a designer trick: Before you hang your faux wreath, give it some tender loving care. Faux wreaths are shipped in boxes that flatten the stems and foliage. Some retailers hang them in the store straight out of the box. Take some time to separate and “fluff” the individual stems like you would on an artificial Christmas tree. Wreaths, especially those that are wired give you the opportunity to arrange the stems to your personal style... just like designers do.

Ribbon ties together any look. Designers use ribbon to finish home accents arrangements and wreaths. Tie bows, hang streamers, weave ribbon throughout the wreath. Wreath Pro Adjustable Wreath Hanger is a tool that uses ribbon and helps you get professional results. Here is a previous blog post that shows you more ideas using ribbon to hang a wreath.

Update an older wreath by adding your personal touch. If you want to keep your favorite wreath but its color is fading and needs a little refreshing, here are some items you can wire or hot glue to make your old favorite new again.
• Monograms
• faux stems and flowers
• seasonal floral picks like Santa at Christmas and rabbits at Easter
Small signs like, “Welcome”, “go team”, happy holidays and other sentiments are available in wood, metal and other materials. You can even add cards, photographs and sheet music.

IMG_0943-600 wp-HeavyWreath-sm

Use a professional wreath hanger. You have your wreath all decked out and looking great. Hang it professionally, nails, suction cups, magnetic hangers, fishing line, wire, metal hooks might not offer you long lasting professional results. Select a hanger that gives you an easy solution to hanging your wreath. Wreath Pro Adjustable Wreath Hanger hangs your wreath with ribbon (like decorators), is fully length adjustable to any position and will give you professional results. Wreath Pro is almost invisible from both sides of the door so all you see is your beautiful wreath and coordinating ribbon.
Browse through the Wreath Pro Blog for wreath hanging ideas, how to videos and more. Visit our FAQ, Wreath Pro Advantages and customer success stories pages for even more information.


Don't forget to send us your story and photos of your favorite wreaths.

How To Add A Bow to Wreath Pro

How To Add A Bow To Wreath Pro


Autumn is a perfect time of the year to grace your door with a wreath that celebrates fall's gorgeous harvest. And it is the perfect time to hang it with decorative ribbon that adds designer styling to your home's entrance.

Wreath Pro Adjustable Wreath Hanger is designed to hang any wreath you want with ribbon. Here is a way to go one decorative step further…add a gorgeous bow.

First, weave the ribbon of your choice through the slots and adjust to the length you want it to hang on your door using the door hook. Let the extra ribbon hang down the sides of the wreath.

Then, using additional ribbon create a looped bow using enough ribbon so you have long streamers. Attach the bow at the top of the wreath with florists wire. Complete the look by cutting notches in the bottoms of the streamers. Create a "pleats" in the streamers by folding the ribbon and then letting it loose.

Now, Doesn't that look better than one of those plastic or metal wreath hooks?

I have an Undersized Door - WIll Wreath Pro Work for me?

Although most doors are a standard thickness, once in a while we are contacted about non standard sized doors.

Here are a couple of pointers.

1. If your door is oversized or thicker than 1 3/4" - 1 7/8"
Measure the thickness of your door and contact us with the information at:
We may be able to make you a custom sized Wreath Pro for your thicker door.

2. If your door is thinner than 1 3/4"
Wreath Pro "may" work on a slightly thinner than standard 1 3/4 inch door but it may effect the amount of weight it can hold.
Wreath Pro is designed so that the weight of the wreath is pulling straight down on the top of your door. In order to do this the door hanger needs to be:
"snug" on your door front to back and flat on the top of the door.

If your door is just slightly undersized 1/8 inch or less you can bend the inside "tab" of your Wreath Pro to take up some of the slack.
An alternative ti to use a "spacer" between the inside tab and your door to take up the slack, see photo.


3. Custom sizes.
We do try to when possible accommodate customers with non standard doors. If you have a non standard door and would like a Custom Wreath Pro.
Please, carefully measure the thickness of your door and contact us at


How To Personalize Your Wreath

Wreaths are easily the most versatile natural decoration imaginable, for, not only can they fit in with a wide range of inside and outside decor, they look amazing all year long. No matter the occasion, your surroundings can be greatly enhanced with a gorgeous wreath.

As fall approaches, the leaves are cascading to the frosted grass and you are starting to experience cravings for apple cider and pumpkin pie. Traditionally known as the harvest season, autumn is the perfect time for showing off all the products of a successful summer. Featuring hues that emulate the colorful leaves outside, such wreaths provide the perfect backdrop for any autumn gathering.

Here are three ideas for adding a personal touch to your fall wreath:

Decorating with letters is very trendy right now. Personalize your wreath with the first letter of your family name to welcome guests.
Letters can be attached with floral wire or even zip ties.

Attach colorful fall stems and seasonal picks to refresh an older wreath. On wreaths with a vine base, you can usually "tuck" a pick right into the base between the vine segments. Wreaths with hand wrapped or plastic frames may require you to use some floral wire or tape, zip ties or even hot glue to add your picks.

Weave seasonal ribbon throughout a wreath to beautifully coordinate with your decor. The Wreath Pro wreath hanger makes this very easy to do. See this Wreath Pro how to video for an explanation.

No matter the occasion, your fall surroundings can be greatly enhanced with a gorgeous wreath. You'll be amazed at how such a simple decoration can add warmth to your home.


The Correct way to hang a wreath on your door. | Wreath Pro video Series

Watch our videos and learn tips and tricks for using Wreath Pro. This video show you easy steps to correctly hang a wreath on your door.
There are many types of wreath hangers, adjustable wreath hangers, wreath hooks, suction cups etc. on the market for wreath hanging but the truth is, many don't work to well and many others just plain look bad on your door.
If you want your wreath to look like it was hung by a professional decorator, then Wreath Pro is the answer. Wreath Pro uses ribbon to hang your wreath, just like the professional decorators. Wreath Pro is easy, affordable and it looks great!
If you need to hang a wreath on a door with molding, Wreath Pro is the answer. If you want to hang a wreath on your double hung windows, Wreath Pro is the answer. If you want to hang multiple wreaths on the same door, Wreath Pro can do that too.
You get the idea. Watch all of our videos and you will see how versatile Wreath Pro is.


How To Hang Your Wreath on a Door With a Bow | Wreath Pro Video Series

In this video we will show you how easy it is to hang a wreath on a door with Wreath Pro. And how easy it is to get professional decorator results by adding a bow at the top.


How To Hang a Wreath On Your Window

How to Hang Wreaths on Windows


The holidays are the perfect time to deck the halls and your windows with wreaths. Whether you hang your wreaths on the inside, outside or both, Wreath Pro Adjustable Wreath Hanger will help you get professional results that as easy as 1 -2 - 3. Here's how to hang two wreaths side by side on the outside of your (double hung windows). The secret is threading ribbon through the slots in the door hanger. Professional and beautiful results every time using Wreath Pro.

1. First unroll the ribbon included in each purchase (or use any 2 1/2" wired ribbon) and wrap it around the top of the wreath. Do the same for all your wreaths.

2. Next , take the door hook (the door hook is the hook with the Wreath Pro logo) and thread the two streamers of the ribbon together through the top slot through the front and pull the ribbon through. Then take the same streamers and thread them together the opposite way through the back of the second slot. Pull the ribbon to adjust the height.

3. Then, hang the door hook on each window so the wreaths are hanging on the outside. Close your windows




Four Ways To Hang Your Wreath With Ribbon

Beautiful wreaths look even more beautiful when a coordinating ribbon is accenting them. Ribbon not only adds designer style to your decor, it allows you to adjust the height of your wreath just how you want it.

To give you just a few examples of the versatility of the Wreath Pro, here are four different ways you can try to hang your next wreath using Wreath Pro, adjustable wreath hanger.


In the above example, the ribbon goes around the wreath then through the top slot of the door hook from the front.
The ribbon is fed back through the 2nd slot of the door hook and the "Ribbon Tail" drapes down over the wreath.


Here is an example with a bow at the top. To achieve this, feed the ribbon through the wreath, then feed it through the 2nd slot in the door hook from the front. Feed the ribbon back through the top slot of the door hook and tie a bow.


In this example we added a "tail" to the wreath


In the example above, the ribbon is fed through the wreath, then the top slot in the door hook and then back and forth through slots 2 and 3. The ribbon "tails" then continue back through the center of the wreath.

Check back for even more examples - coming soon!

Hanging a Wall Pocket On Your Door

Hanging a Wall Pocket on your door.

Wreath Pro hanging Wall Pocket

Wall pockets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, weights and designs.

Just as traditional wreaths, they are a great way to welcome family and friends to your home. The big question is how do you properly hang them level and at the height you want? Metal door hooks, suction cups, magnetic hangers and plastic hooks restrict where the pocket will hang and they might not be strong enough to hold your wall pocket securely. The last thing you want is for your wall pocket to bounce around every time you open and close the door, or worse than that, fall off the wreath hook!

We suggest using WreathPro, adjustable wreath hanger to hang your wall pocket properly and securely.  A decorative ribbon that you can change for any season, (spring, summer, fall and holiday) teamed with a strong, weight bearing invisible over the door hook will give you beautiful results each and every time.

Tip:  Tie a bow around the top of the door hanger for an extra designer's touch.



Weave the ribbon though the wall pocket loop. Then see what length you want it to hang. Then, weave the ribbon through the slots on the door hanger. Hang on the door. It's that easy…secure and stylish


How To - Hang 2 Wreaths on Your Door

Two Wreaths Are Prettier Than One!

Crafty or not, hanging two wreaths vertically on a door is an excellent way to showcase your eye for design. The easiest way to accomplish this look is using Wreath Pro, adjustable wreath hanger.

Most over the door wreath hangers are only made to hang one wreath. Wreath Pro’s clever design and adjustability allows you to do much more than you can with an ordinary metal wreath hook.

Wreath Pro includes a ribbon, a door hook and a wreath hook, an ingenious trio which is the key to hanging two wreaths together successfully.

First, take the ribbon (included with Wreath Pro purchase) and loop it through the wreath that will hang on the bottom.


Next take the Wreath Pro wreath hook and thread the ribbon through the slots. Adjust the wreath hook to the desired length. This is where the top wreath will hang.

Wreath Pro hanging 2 wreaths

Then, weave the remaining ribbon through the slots in the Wreath Pro door hook. At this time hang the hook over the door and adjust the wreath position.

Wreath Pro 2 Wreaths on door

That’s it! Easy and beautiful.

Next time, we’ll share how to accomplish this on double hung windows.


5 Steps to Hanging an Awesome Wreath

5 Steps to Hanging an Awesome Wreath First, you need to craft the perfect wreath. Next, you must find the ideal wreath hanger. Finally, you're ready to hang your wreath with pride in the best location for all to see. From buying the hanger to choosing a hanging location, here are the 5 steps you need to know for displaying an awesome wreath. 716410_wreath
Transform a basic wreath into a masterpiece and then learn how to hang it with pride.

5 Things to look for in a door wreath hanger

You’ve spent hours creating the perfect wreath, or searched high and low before finding the ideal premade wreath. Don’t let all of that time and effort go to waste by accidentally choosing the wrong wreath hanger for your masterpiece.