5 Steps to Hanging an Awesome Wreath

5 Steps to Hanging an Awesome Wreath First, you need to craft the perfect wreath. Next, you must find the ideal wreath hanger. Finally, you're ready to hang your wreath with pride in the best location for all to see. From buying the hanger to choosing a hanging location, here are the 5 steps you need to know for displaying an awesome wreath. 716410_wreath
Transform a basic wreath into a masterpiece and then learn how to hang it with pride.

Step 1: Buy a Wreath Hanger Apart from choosing the perfect wreath to accent the season, the most important decision you'll make with regards to displaying a wreath is choosing a wreath hanger. The right hanger adjusts to your changing needs, is sturdy, and offers a great value for your hard-earned dollars. The Wreath Pro offers those qualities and more, making it the natural choice when selecting a quality hanger for your wreaths is priority. The three-piece system is easy to buy online, ensuring your purchase will arrive on your doorstep quickly so you can display your masterpiece sooner.

Step 2: Select a Location
Wreaths can be hung in many locations, and your final choice makes all the difference regarding how much exposure it receives throughout the season. When selecting a wreath hanging location, consider its size to determine whether it would look best over a window or the front door. Also consider which location would ensure the wreath is seen by as many admirers as possible. If you have multiple wreaths to hang, they may look best displayed over the home's street-facing windows. A single wreath often looks best on the front door.

Step 3: Choose a Hanging Length
Some locations call for wreaths to be hung lower than other locations. For example, a wreath hung from a single front door may need to be placed higher than two wreaths placed side by side on French doors. One great quality about the Wreath Pro is that it can be adjusted to cater to your changing needs. Determine how low or high you would like the wreath to be placed, adjust the three-piece wreath hanger to match and, viola, you're prepared to hang the wreath at the perfect height.

Step 4: Select Your Ribbon
Every Wreath Pro includes your choice of various ribbon styles. You can use one ribbon when hanging various wreaths through the seasons, or you can change ribbon styles as you see fit. Even better, the ribbons used with Wreath Pro are standard widths, allowing you to utilize a favored ribbon you may already have at home.

Step 5: Change Wreaths Regularly
Hanging a wreath properly is crucial for ensuring it looks great. However, it's also important to freshen the look of your doorways by changing wreaths regularly. A good rule of thumb is to rotate wreaths with the seasons. If you don't want to invest in that many wreaths, though, a simple change of ribbon used on the wreath hanger is enough to transform the look of the decoration.
From autumn to spring, change wreaths with the seasons or use new ribbons with the Wreath Pro to transform the decor.
With adjustable settings and the flexibility to meet your preferences, the Wreath Pro is the best wreath hanger and the only one you'll ever need. By selecting the perfect location for your wreath and by assessing other factors, you can easily and effectively hang an awesome wreath for all to see.