I have an Undersized Door - WIll Wreath Pro Work for me?

Although most doors are a standard thickness, once in a while we are contacted about non standard sized doors.

Here are a couple of pointers.

1. If your door is oversized or thicker than 1 3/4" - 1 7/8"
Measure the thickness of your door and contact us with the information at: cs@wreathpro.com.
We may be able to make you a custom sized Wreath Pro for your thicker door.

2. If your door is thinner than 1 3/4"
Wreath Pro "may" work on a slightly thinner than standard 1 3/4 inch door but it may effect the amount of weight it can hold.
Wreath Pro is designed so that the weight of the wreath is pulling straight down on the top of your door. In order to do this the door hanger needs to be:
"snug" on your door front to back and flat on the top of the door.

If your door is just slightly undersized 1/8 inch or less you can bend the inside "tab" of your Wreath Pro to take up some of the slack.
An alternative ti to use a "spacer" between the inside tab and your door to take up the slack, see photo.


3. Custom sizes.
We do try to when possible accommodate customers with non standard doors. If you have a non standard door and would like a Custom Wreath Pro.
Please, carefully measure the thickness of your door and contact us at cs@wreathpro.com.